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How can Never Boring help your business?

Meet our Team

What is Never Boring? One of the fastest growing and most versatile advertising agencies in the Central Valley, with a talented team of specialists from every discipline ready to help you grow your business.

Who is Never Boring? We’re a team of 25 creative professionals who take pride in getting the job done right for each and every client… and have fun doing it.

Sure, the heart of our business is doing top-shelf creative work. But our diverse clientele keeps coming back because of how easy and fun we make it to create innovative ads, effective marketing and awesome signs. Trust us, we promise you’ll be beaming ear-to-ear when you see the results.

Explore our team bios to learn more about who we are and how we make sure we earn the name Never Boring with each and every project we do!

Bio: David Boring

David Boring

President/Creative Director

Bio: Julie Orona

Julie Orona

Vice President/Art Director

Athina Osmuss

Athina Osmuss

Executive Assistant to the President

Bio: Brad Lehman

Brad Lehman

Sign Manager

Bio: Phil Murillo

Phil Murillo

Signs Sales Manager

Bio: Loyd Schutte

Loyd Schutte

Web/Interactive Director

Bio: Katie Dowling

Katie Dowling

Senior Designer

Bio: Bianca Ancheta

Bianca Ancheta

Senior Graphic Designer/Brand Specialist

Bio: Jessica Lopez

Jessica Lopez

Graphic Designer


Bio: Nicolle Bermejo

Nicolle Bermejo

Account Manager


Bio: Lorraine Bernaldes

Lorraine Bernaldes

Account Manager


Bio: Carolina Recendez De Luna

Carolina Recendez De Luna

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator


Bio: Noel Daniel

Noel Daniel

Senior Editor & Content Manager

Bio: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Office Assistant

Bio: Katie Jeanne Powell

Katie Jeanne Powell

Sign Specialist

Bio: Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Sign Specialist

Bio: Victor Randolph

Victor Randolph

Sales Representative

Bio: Ron Posey

Ron Posey

Sales Representative