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4 Tips to Rock Holiday Marketing

Monday, December 05, 2016
Don’t have any plans for your marketing this holiday season? Ho-ho-hold on, there (we’ve been waiting all year to use that). This time of year is when customers are buying most—so you need some way of getting their attention. But how to do that? Hold onto your garlands: we’ve got four tips for rocking the tinsel out of your marketing game. 

Christmas spending is on the rise again—at least according to Gallup’s 2015 poll. Americans planned to spend $830 during the holiday season last year. This kind of revenue is something you can’t afford to miss. So how to bring in customers? 

By getting into the spirit of the season, of course! 

#1 — Reward the best customers It’s always worth it to let your best customers know that you appreciate their business. Show them by rewarding them with tickets, discounts, and whatever else your business might have to offer.

 #2 — Hand out stocking stuffers Have any branded items that you can hand out? From mugs to pens, this is a great way to not only have the customer remember you, but also to feel remembered by you. 

#3 — Get a company jingle out there People start listening to holiday music as early as November. So why not get something else stuck in their head? Make sure your customers have your name on their mind when they get ready to step out and shop. It can even be as simple as your own crew singing “We wish you a merry Christmas.” 

Give a listen to our own holiday merry-making!  

#4 — Run a photo contest People love taking holiday pictures—so why not engage your customers by inviting them to share? Try an ugly sweater photo competition. If there’s one thing people love to show off, it’s their ugly sweaters!  

Wish you had a few more tips for business know-how? That’s where Never Boring can help. We’re one of the few full-service advertising agencies that covers all the bases, from award-winning brand and marketing strategy to maximizing social media, catchy graphics, smart signage, mobile friendly websites, cutting edge video, and more. 

Never Boring can help you decide how to efficiently market yourself to bring in the most customers. Call 209-526-9136 today to schedule a free consultation with our marketing specialists.
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