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Never Boring

9 Tips To Make Your Sign STAND OUT

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The first, most important step in branding and marketing is having a sign! Although, any old sign doesn’t always do the job. When sign-making, there are a few vital aspects to it in order to make a good impression on the consumer. Here are a few tips and tricks that we do here at Never Boring’s Sign Shop.

1. Use Color and Images. The best signs embrace color! Full-color graphics will capture the reader’s eye. Additionally, adding a border helps to focus the attention on the main component of the sign and using a different color will enhance the important information plus increases retention and reaction to your sign.

2. Make it Readable. Use a design that highlights the letters. Cursive letters and fonts that are difficult to read are not recommended. The easiest color combination to read is yellow letters on a black background or black letters on a yellow background, although there are many other contrasting color combos that work like red and green, and blue and orange.

3. Make it POP! The sign and its message need to be visible from the standard viewing distance.  If your sign is small, use a dark backdrop and light letters, which will make the letters easier to read.

4. Keep it Legible. Use clear type-styles and sufficient spacing to make sure words and letters can be easily readable.

5. Mix it Up! Change the message, the size, the shape or the color to continue holding your customers’ attention.

6. Be Careful with ALL CAPS. There is a misconception that exists that since ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are "bigger" than their lowercase counterparts, that they must be easier to read from a distance. However, visual tests have scientifically verified that Upper and Lower Case Text is more legible from a distance than ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS. It's easier for our brains to distinguish the shapes of upper and lower case text vs. all capital letters.

7. Compelling Color. The choice of color plays a huge part in a well-designed sign. Think of “Coke red” or “McDonald’s yellow.” Often, color can help identify a brand.

8. Less is More. A sign that is difficult to process may lead a customer to perceive your brand as unlikable, unbelievable, and untrustworthy. On the contrary, if your sign bears an easy-to-parse message in a high-contrast format, customers tend to perceive your brand as truthful and trustworthy. When choosing a design, prioritize your message — and keep the word count to no more than seven.

9. It’s Part of your Marketing Strategy. Business signs are often one of the first pieces of marketing collateral a business produces. As your brand and messaging evolve, the look of your sign should, too. Customers remember signs just as they do jingles and ads they enjoy. It’s your chance to make a great first impression.

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