Never Boring

Never Boring

Are You Ready for Your Closeup? Video Marketing

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Ever since the introduction of film, videos have stood out—in theatres, on websites, and on social media. The best part about video marketing is that you can take a lot of information and deliver it to the customer in a short amount of time, which is much more palatable than a page full of copy. But how do you get your company ready for the video marketing sphere? 

The Big Picture 
Tweets and Facebook posts are scheduled, and videos should be too. Much like you would with advertisements, think of your video marketing plan in terms of a campaign. What stories can you divide into segments? Once you’ve decided, map out a schedule, and consider releasing them in preparation for a big launch or announcement.
Short and Sweet 
Another good idea is to keep your message short. Even in video form, less can be more—take Boomerang for example. Watching that latte slowly fill to the top, the foam gently bumping the rim, makes it even more tantalizing to make time for a coffee run than a still image would. And when users are scrolling through their social media, a short, autoplaying video is perfect to catch their attention.  

Better yet, hand the mic to your current customers and let them tell your potential customers how great you are. Testimonials are proven to be incredibly effective. You might even hold a competition and let your customers submit videos to showcase your product. 

 So—are you ready for your closeup? Get your company in front of the customer without all the text.
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