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Never Boring

Colors Make a Difference

Thursday, August 02, 2018

As competition rises, marketers have to use every strategy they can when increasing sales. Utilizing the psychology of color is a must when it comes to sign-making. Countless studies have illustrated that color is what markets a brand, ultimately creating a brand identity.

Let’s see what message each color conveys.

Red- It’s said that red evokes strong emotion. It’s full of energy and the longest wavelength of any color. Red typically grabs our attention first. Hints why Coca Cola’s brand is red and may be due to why it’s the largest beverage company in the world (many other aspects go into why they are so successful, but red, all in all, is a good choice).

Blue- Blue is considered a soothing feeling and is even said to increase concentration. It increases productivity and is often used for offices and financial institutions. Do you recognize what the logos of Chase, Bank of America, American Express, and CitiBank all have in common? They’re blue!

Yellow- Yellow expresses optimism, confidence, creativity. It’s the first color that infants react to which makes it the most psychologically compelling! Now you have an excuse next time you want to order that Big Mac, it’s all because of that compelling McDonald’s logo.

Purple- Purple is the color for royalty. It’s often used in anti-aging products. There’s a sense of creativity behind the color. Yahoo is known for its purple logo.

Orange- Orange stimulates physical and emotional feelings. It’s often described to be sensual and passionate normally relating to food. Maybe Hooters based their logo off of the mood of the color?

Green- Green is a peaceful, natural color. It generally promotes health and tranquility. Whole Foods comes to mind when thinking of green brands, which makes sense because Whole Foods promotes all natural, healthful eating.

Black- Black is the color of sophistication, control, glamour. Black generally communicates clarity. Gucci is a ritzy-branded product and their logo, in fact, is black!

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