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Designing Your Copy

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Designing Your Copy


Copy has one purpose—to be read. A line of copy can contain as much feeling and emphasis as a paragraph, if tailored well enough: concision is key in copy. It must convey a message that sells or speaks to your target demographic. But not a one of those words matter if they’re not being read.


We’ve already talked about how a good design can help copy, but both a copywriter and a designer need to meet in the middle. Now we’ll dish out some hot tips for making sure your message reaches your audience.


Short and Sweet

Every sentence has to count. Like we said in our “Strip Down Your Copy” blog, if you want your words heard, they need to be relevant. Filler’s great in a high school essay—but it has no home in professional copywriting. If you don’t need the sentence, ditch it without a second thought. Your client deserves better. A good way to practice this is to give yourself (or have your designer give you) a strict word count. And bear in mind, you could always stand to lose 150 words.


Read, Review, and Edit

One of the biggest pitfalls of some professional copy is a typo. It can take a normally-careful writer and make them sound inexperienced. It can also make your copy sound unprofessional and sloppy. Professionalism is integral in business copy, as it can be the difference between a customer trusting your brand and not. One last sweep of your copy can do the trick—especially if it needs edits from the designer.


Copy should be just as pleasing to the eye as design. It should be easily read and should catch the eye. If the task sounds daunting, never fear. Never Boring is one of the few full-service advertising agencies that covers all the bases, including the production of award-winning copy and design. We’ve made telling your business’ story our first priority.


Never Boring can help you decide how to efficiently market your business to bring in the most customers. Call 209-526-9136 today to schedule a free consultation with our marketing specialists. 

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