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Never Boring

Print is Alive and Well

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Laptops, tablets, cell phones!

We’re in a digital age, but is print advertising gone?

Not quite.

Turns out, neuroscience is now on our side with print advertising. Print ads are more impactful on consumers than digital ones. Why? It’s simple: focus. People simply process print advertising with more focus. More than likely, this is due to the fact that we are less engaged with our phones when reading a magazine rather than when watching television. (When was the last time you watched The Real Housewives without your cell in hand?)

People feel more emotionally attached to content in magazines rather than content that’s presented digitally. We have a tendency to look over digital content and ads quickly, whereas print is generally read more slowly and more deliberately. Because of this, print advertising is proven to have better rates of recall and therefore are a better advertising choice. After all, if you are advertising your business or service, you want people to remember you.

Then, there’s the issue of trust, which is something companies spend a lot of money and time to cultivate with their customers. People trust print more because it has more credibility since it’s been around for a much longer length of time. This lends itself to the fact that older generations prefer newspapers and magazines, and the younger generations prefer cell phones and television. However, the younger crowd—as seemingly glued to their devices as they may be—are more engaged with print because they’re less distracted.

Did you know?:

1. 91 percent of American adults have read a magazine in the last six months, compared to 85 percent of American adults who surf the net. 

2. The average reader spends more than 53 minutes on each issue, and if you multiply that by 9.3 issues the average reader spends more than 8 hours reading magazines each month.

3. Top digital brands publish print magazines. It’s easy to find stories of brands moving from print to digital, but the reverse happens, too. Major online businesses like WebMD and Uber have partnered with custom publishers to launch print magazines because they build connections and communities.

So, is print dead? Definitely not. It is alive and well and shifting and changing the way most industries do over time. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your magazine.


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