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Never Boring

Sign-Making 101

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Where do you start?


A good sign is sized appropriately, the correct material is being used, and it’s also placed in a prime location. To start out, you need to determine what your goal is with the sign.


Are you preparing for an event? Is it indoor or outdoor? Will it need to be durable through rough weather conditions?

Are you decorating the outside of a building or a car?

Are you trying to spread brand awareness?

Are you bringing attention to an event or sale?

Are you using the sign once or for multiple occasions?

These questions need to be considered when designing a sign.


After answering these questions, it’s best to ensure that the size of the sign is sufficient. The larger the font size, the easier to read. Bigger is usually better when it comes to signs, unless it’s overwhelming to the eye, then toning it down can be better. Be sure to take measurements of the building, window, car, etc., to see how much available space you have. Sometimes shortening the message works well to acquire more space. Although size can be difficult, there are always ways to work around it.


The material is critical in sign making. As most of us know, various materials can withstand various conditions. If your sign needs to hold up even in rainy weather, you may want to go with a vinyl or corrugated plastic. Be cautious in choosing light, non-water resistant materials because the rain can ruin a sign in seconds! If you're in a windy area, you should go with a heavier material to be sure it doesn’t blow away. Identify where you want the sign (indoor or outdoors), then decide on the material you should use.


Now, get more specific and locating exactly where your sign should be placed.  What’s the point of making a sign if no one’s going to see it? High traffic areas are among the best areas to place signs due to the several people driving past them. Cars are also a popular one with our sign shop. They’re a good choice because it’s free advertising wherever you go! In addition, waiting areas are also popular areas for signs. When people are “bored” their attention is more likely to be captured. Altogether, you can’t go wrong if you're in front of a business, on a car, or a big billboard on the 99. Wherever you place your sign, just be sure there’s some traffic going through that area.


Making these small decisions are critical when it comes to sign advertising.

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