Never Boring

Never Boring

'Tis the Season of Giveaways

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
You need people talking about your brand—now. But how can you do it? 

Giveaway campaigns can give you the extra boost you need. Not only can they put your name out there, but also help collect email addresses and form partnerships with businesses who choose to collaborate with you. But giveaways don’t always go well—maybe you hardly drummed up any attention and ended up giving away an expensive prize for little to no yield. So what can you do? 

A full service ad agency like Never Boring can help with that. 

Here are six easy steps to starting up your giveaway: 

1. Get down to the nitty gritty details and figure out how this giveaway can benefit you. From sales to generated emails, identify what’s important and then start planning. But, and this is important, never say anything is “free!” Once you’ve got this down, plan how long you want the giveaway to last: anywhere from a few months leading up to a grand opening or five or so days for a flash giveaway. 

2. Pick a prize that could be relevant to anyone in your audience. This can be anything from a snazzy watch to go with your t-shirts, books from featured speakers at a conference, or design work from your agency. 

 3. Host the giveaway on multiple platforms. You’ll especially want to create blog posts that relate to your giveaway, such as including an ad for the giveaway or writing a feature on your prize. 

 4. Tell everyone! Create digital banner ads, send out fun email blasts, and heavily promote on social media with engaging and quirky posts. 

5. When the giveaway draws to a close, make sure to post about last-minute offers. Make it bold. Make it exciting! Make it Never Boring. 

6. Follow-up is crucial—you need to email and announce the winner, as well as all those who entered. And don’t forget to let everyone know to stay tuned for future news from you. That is the point, after all! 

Even with tips, giveaways are still very involved and complicated to tackle—that’s where Never Boring can help. We’re one of few full-service advertising agencies that covers all the bases, from award-winning brand and marketing strategy to maximizing social media, catchy graphics, smart signage, mobile friendly websites, cutting edge video and more. 

Never Boring can help you decide how to efficiently market yourself to bring in the most customers. Call 209-526-9136 today to schedule a free consultation with our marketing specialists.
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