Never Boring

Athina Osmuss

Executive Assistant to the President

Athina is a champion of fresh ideas and brings a contagious joy to everything she does, both inside and outside the office. She loves long walks on the beach, traveling, spending time with family, and you might catch her on her bike, cruising around downtown to see a movie at the State or a play at Prospect Theatre. She cares greatly for her local and international community and is a Modesto Rotarian. Having retired herself from a mortgage career in Washington and California, she has a dream of sipping the perfect chai latte (brewed in milk, not water) while signing copies of her children’s book in her own independent boutique or bookstore. Until then, Athina is an incredible support to both Never Boring’s president, as well as the entire staff as a whole.

What is your secret talent?
Making last minute plans and volunteering myself and my family for all sorts of crazy requests. Need a host for an exchange student? We can do it!

What inspires you?
Always trying to see the positives in every situation. I’m really good at going with the flow.

How are you Never Boring?
I have a large cat named Sumo Catso, and a dog named Diego Rivera. I’m also proud of my native Ohlone heritage.