Never Boring

Bianca Rose Ancheta

Graphic Designer

Bianca Rose Ancheta is an award-winning graphic designer, with 15 local and regional American Advertising Awards to her name. She specializes in branding, marketing, and promotions, designing a wide range of advertising and marketing collateral for Never Boring. Ancheta also designs the award-winning Port O Call magazine. As a Modesto native and graduate of the Modesto High School IB program, Ancheta understands this market. She holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Fresno State. Ancheta performed for the Modesto High, Beyer High, and Fresno State color guards, and coached Central High School’s color guard for three years. She loves geek culture, new technology, and board games like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.

Bianca Ancheta

What work of art inspires you?
I’m inspired by typography and letterforms, and by designers like Mossimo Vignelli, Herb Lubalin, Jessica Hische, Mango CHase and Louise Fili..

Favorite Bands:
I enjoy listening to indie rock, alternative, hip hop and anything I can jam to in the car. I’m also a big musical theater fan, and I love singing along to everything from Sondheim to Webber.

How are you Never Boring?
I never stop learning. A day where I don’t learn something new, is a day wasted.