Never Boring

Cecilia "Cece" Suarez

Office Manager

If Cece Suarez ever sits still, we’ve never seen her do it. This do-everything Office Manager is the all-in-one administrator for the All-in-One Agency. She manages finances, human resources, payroll, accounts receivable, and administrative support to the owners and staff. And if all of that doesn’t already have your head spinning, she’s currently working towards her BA in Business Administration and volunteering as a soccer coach. Cece is a champion of common sense and loves a good challenge, taking on tasks others might pass up. For example, she’s a proud Veteran who dauntlessly served her country. Her proudest achievement, though? Her kids, of course.

Favorite Bands:

What inspires you?
My mom is my best friend and my husband Alex is my hero.

How are you Never Boring?
"Be happy now" is my way of thinking. Don't wait to buy those pair of shoes! Rock 'em NOW!