Never Boring

Christina Kekai

Production Coordinator

Since joining the agency in 2014, Office Assistant Christina Kekai has been responsible for a substantial portion of Never Boring’s daily administrative operation. From managing accounts receivable, to billing and contracts to assisting clients with invoices, Kekai is an essential reason why Never Boring continues to run smoothly and efficiently from day to day. Kekai, who brings more than seven years of experience to her position including particular expertise in credit analysis and collections, is a zen master of accounts. She keeps the ship afloat and we’re all grateful for it.

Favorite Bands:
Aerosmith, The Police, U2, Poison, Limp Bizkit, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC and many more!

What inspires you?
Adversity. Life will always throw things at you. You can either choose to be inspired or let challenges drag you down. When things get in my way it always inspires me to be creative and overcome! I love to hear success stories how people have faced crazy odds and came out on top!

How are you Never Boring?
I love trying new things, whatever they are. New foods, new languages, new crafts, new places? Sign me up!