Never Boring

Elisa Hutsell

Publications Coordinator

Elisa Hutsell oversees Never Boring’s five award-winning publications. You’ll often find Elisa with a cup of tea in her hands, poring over the latest proofs of Progress, Port O Call, The Bogey, The Communicator, and Contentment Health magazines. As each publication’s point-person, Elisa regularly meets with executives at the Modesto, Ripon and Greater Stockton Chambers of Commerce and the Del Rio Country Club. She then coordinates content, advertising, and printing to ensure each client’s vision is reflected on every page. Elisa holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from George Fox University. She enjoys creating illustrations and traveling to new and exciting places in her spare time.

Elisa Hutsell

What inspires you?
Those little moments of beautiful simplicity that just crop up in life.

Favorite Bands:
I have a plethora of favorites among a variety of genres; no few favorites.

How are you Never Boring?
I try to keep things interesting by adding new twists and angles on the things I am working on, gaining new perspective.