Never Boring

Julissa Moreno

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Makeup artist and social media extraordinaire, Julissa is a pro when it comes to Digital Analytics. She provides crucial analytics to clients and performs in-depth research for products or competitors in the market. She also monitors digital campaigns and social media platforms. And rocks out to Adele, now and then. Julissa went to Long Beach State and volunteered at Neighborhood Homework House in Azusa, tutoring and mentoring children between the ages of five and ten. Then, she studied in Spain for her final semester before graduation. In short? She’s a go-getter who gets social media.

What inspires you?
The internet! With so many creative outlets on social media (Instagram/Bloggers/Tumblr/Pinterest), I definitely find myself inspired constantly.  

Favorite Bands:
I have a variety of different music tastes. I am not much of a band girl, but I like to listen to some pop, country, R&B and—here and there—some hip hop.  

How are you Never Boring?
I am just very random. One minute I am super serious researching, the next second I am trying to sing to Adele in the office. It’s having that right balance in life which makes me never boring.