Never Boring

Kit Lloyd

Marketing Director

As Marketing Director, Kit Lloyd is responsible for the development of strategic planning and implementation of client marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns. Lloyd is a transplant to the Modesto area. After growing up in Orange County, he moved to the Modesto area as a marketing and sales professional in 1984. Lloyd’s long career in the advertising industry includes nearly 24 years as the head of his own advertising agency. After all this time, he remains an enthusiastic go-getter whose passion for promoting client businesses is surpassed only by his excitement for his family. Lloyd not only brings his decades of legendary marketing experience to the team, but also a background in content production for television, radio and film and deep connections to show business.

What is your favorite band?
MercyMe - They produce new original music with a classic rock feel.

What inspires you?
Strong, memorable quotes, poetry, music and songwriting.

How are you Never Boring?
Life is adventure and I find humor in so many things. I love discovering the joy of life every single day.