Never Boring

Laura Steelman

Film/Multimedia Director

Look behind one of the video cameras at Never Boring, and you’re likely to see Laura Steelman. Steelman is Never Boring’s Film/Multimedia Director, an expert in filming and editing alike. Steelman also has experience in set design and narration – the sort of diverse skill set needed to produce award-winning video productions. Steelman is dedicated to both the craft of film, and the craft of crafts. She sells her hand-made dolls and other crafts locally. Steelman also enjoys baking sweets for her friends.

Laura Steelman

What work of art inspires you?
There are so many things that inspire me, but I think art is the one that pushes my inspiration button the most. Museums, live music, a delicately made confection, and different cultures really hit home to me when it comes to creating. Did I mention chocolate?

Favorite Bands:
My favorite band is music. I love all music. Live music is my favorite. From Big Band to Metal, I'll groove to it and conform to it. I'm planning on learning to play something, someday!

How are you Never Boring?
Chances are, "I have a story about that." I grew up with fashionably adventurous people, stunt pilots, hunters, veterans, rock climbers, trend setters, skydivers, and women who were proud to be able to fix their own cars. The life they exposed me to was a never boring one and never will be. I love rollercoasters, scary movies, and anything to do with animals. I'll still climb a rock once in a while, to see if I still can!