Never Boring


Web/Interactive Director

Web/Interactive Director Loyd Schutte has more than 20 years experience with web and interactive development. He has completed projects for major clients including SMUD, PG&E, Southern California Edison, Oncor and the Oklahoma Department of Health Services. In his time at Never Boring, Schutte has leveraged his professional experience with graphic design, photography, social networking, a host of code languages and advanced CMS design to deliver client websites that are as functional as they are attractive. As the father of a teenager with Autism, Schutte understands the true importance of design usability and adherence to web standards.

Loyd Schutte - Lover of Nature

Favorite Bands:
I like a lot of different music. Third Eye Blind, Beastie Boys, Rage Against, Foo Fighters, Bowling for Soup, Green Day, Jack’s Mannequin, Something Corporate, Fun., Matchbox 20, Neon Trees, Owl City, Pearl Jam, Snow Patrol, Yellow Card…how much more room do you have?

What work inspires you?
I love nature (and coffee). To me nature (and coffee) is the quintessential artwork. I like the texture, depth, colors you find in nature (and coffee). It's the perfect work of art. Did I mention I love coffee?

How are you Never Boring?
I enjoy trying new things and I’m not afraid to say that something didn’t work. It’s the journey not the destination that counts.