Never Boring

Noel Daniel


It just makes sense that writing is the preferred communication method for Noel, Never Boring’s quiet Copywriter. Since embarking on her career as a writer, she’s won a Science Fiction award from Wool author Hugh Howey, received an Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest, and ultimately found herself at Never Boring, writing copy for ad headlines, websites, and Never Boring’s flagship publication Contentment Health.

Noel Daniel

What inspires you?
I’ve got this fascination with people who are natural storytellers. You know the type— they have this sense of almost being a character, themselves. They play guitar and travel the world with their Yorkshire Terrier and sing visceral songs, never wasting a word. They have a deliberate way of speaking and writing and singing so that it fits them in an aesthetic way. I love meeting people like that, for as shy as I get as I get around them! 

Favorite Bands:
Muse, Devotchka, Voltaire Twins, Portugal. The Man, Florence and the Machine, Kimbra, Billy Joel, Demons and Wizards, Starbomb, Genesis, Miike Snow, and many others. My tastes are all over the place. It really depends on what I feel like thinking about that day.  

How are you Never Boring?
It sounds trite, maybe, but I live my life in the pursuit of stories to tell. Not even to write— just to tell. To pad my storytelling resume. I’m one of those people who can’t hold a conversation for anything, but stories are different. I can talk all day about the weekend I was essentially held hostage by a Renaissance Faire knife-thrower.